Trip Sitter™ is a Triple-A Creative Agency Based in Ōtepoti | Dunedin | NZ.

Instead of making Triple-A Video Games, we advertise them.

Our services are directed toward game studios and the gaming community.

Promoting your game with our own AAA format. 

1.) Advertisement:

Whether it be Launch Trailers, Gameplay Trailers, DLC Trailers, Seasons, or Developer Interviews, we've got you covered.

2.) Advergaming:

In-game advertisements for lore purposes or to gain extra revenue from third parties to help fund development.

3.) Advertainment:

Our unique video game advertainment campaign is designed to gain awareness and boost sales performance.

We work alongside game studios and developers creating end-to-end digital products for their studio to coincide with their imagined vision and style. These are offered in dynamic and static mediums that take care of your ad campaign, so you can focus your time on the game campaign.

Any gaming studio interested in collaboration of their work, please do not hesitate to ask us as we can provide a comprehensive package.

Visual Advertainment Campaign & Services

are launching EARLY 2023.

Expertise Trip Sitter can utilise in media ad form:

(Implemented in video or image format only)

1.) Video Editing 

2.) Sound Design

3.) Cinematography 

4.) Animation

5.) Typography

6.) Filming | B-Roll

7.) Video Production 

8.) Graphic Design

9.) Advertisement


Contact: sales@tripsitter.net


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